MEDIBLES  – HAIR REPAIR FORMULA  $30 hair-repair-formula

Stop worrying about hair loss and start looking your best. It’s a simple step you can take daily to ensure that the hair you’ve got is yours to keep. This proprietary blend of ingredients halts the biological processes associated with hair loss.


MEDIBES – PROSTRATE PLUS   $28.50prostate-plus

This one of a kind formula is an inclusive supplement for relief and maintenance of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate. Prostate Plus Formula provides a distinctive all natural formula of essential vitamins and nutrients that aid in overall prostate health.


SLO-FLOW – $19.50slo-flow

Heavy and / or prolonged menstruation are two problems that can occur in abnormal menstrual bleeding patterns. Stabilizing the blood vessels, using stringent herbs, uterine tonics and anti-inflammatory agents can help to reduce heavy flow, slow blood loss and normalize the menstrual flow. A visit to a licensed primary care practitioner is warranted if the bleeding is excessive or consistently prolonged in duration.

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