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Miss America 1962



Recently I had to finally admit to myself how bad I felt. I didn’t feel like doing what I’ve always loved doing. I was chronically fatigued and had no energy. Activities I once enjoyed; exercising, writing, cleaning my home, staying in touch with loved ones, cooking for family and friends, now felt like chores I dreaded doing. I missed the old Maria, the one who had energy for everything! I was tired of feeling bad all the time.

I shared my observations with a new friend, a woman 20 years younger than myself. She told me she had once felt the same way until she experienced the relief of natural bioidentical hormone solutions. I was intrigued! She told me about Byers Wellness Center in Cartersville, Georgia. I decided to research natural bio identical hormone solutions and all of their ramifications. This is what I learned.

When we’re naturally hormonally balanced, we feel great! When our hormones are out of whack or simply non-existent, we don’t feel great; we can feel bad, really bad. Natural hormone solutions imply that our hormones can get out of sync and that we need help! The kind of help that the human body needs is not synthetic inventions by pharmaceutical
companies, but natural bioidentical help from plants!

After interviewing several women and even men who were happily being treated at the Byers Wellness Center, I came to the following conclusion:”Maria, if you fail to take the obvious action necessary to lovingly support yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically, then you have unwittingly shackled yourself to an inferior life. Is continuing to feel bad what you want for yourself? Or do you desire optimum health brimming with the highest possibilities of self

Since I had experienced both ways of being in this world, the answers were obvious: I opted for natural bioidentical hormonal solutions. I called the Byers Wellness Center and scheduled an appointment. I’m so glad I did. I now sleep through the night once again. My core body temperature is balanced, not erratic as it once was. My over all sense of well being has returned. The new Maria is happier and more productive. My energy is renewed: I am blessed! Thank you, Byers Wellness Center. Thank you, Dr. Byers.

TravisCottleTravis Cottle

Age 29
Atlanta GA


Since birth I have spent my life on a stage, for theater as well as music. I knew I wanted to perform for the rest of my life. After high school I attended a music conservatory and found after four years that I was having trouble keeping up with the pace. I started to feel like I couldn’t recover, both physically and emotionally.My last year at school, my body started shutting down one day. It started with my lips going numb, then my neck, then the emergency room! I was a vegetarian at the time, and the doctor’s response was that i was not getting enough protein. After that experience it felt as though I couldn’t ever get my body back. I immediately began having massive panic attacks, first on stage, and then in my personal life. It seemed that as more time progressed, i got worse, both mentally and physically.After six years, three anti-depressants, two career changes, over 100 pounds weight and muscle loss, a divorce ,and countless doctors saying “there’s nothing wrong”, i was very reluctant to try something new. My mother found out about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy from her sisters, who have similar but milder versions of symptoms that i have, but they went to get treated for menopause. After her first treatment, my mother noticed those “ other” symptoms going away! She recommended this treatment for me, and i thought she was crazy because of my young age. Even Dr. Byers was suprised to find out how low my testosterone ended up being!Within an hour of the first treatment, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Over the next couple of weeks i began to have the best sleep ive had in six years! Five months later, I have started performing again (10 concerts already), gained 20 pounds of muscle, regained my libido, and have a renewed feeling of strength and control. I’ve literally been given my life back, and I feel incredibly blessed that I get to entertain once more.

Cindy_Smith_PictureCindy Smith



My name is Cindy Smith. I am a very active 52 year old. I currently reside in Fayetteville Georgia . I have been happily married to my husband for seventeen years. We have been together for twenty. I work part time as an Interior Designer and as a Registered Nurse four days a week.

I have known Dr. Byers for over 12 years.

Approximately two and half years ago, after seeing other physicians for my constant complaint of being chronically exhausted, mood swings, sleep deprivation and a decrease in my libido I saw Dr. Byers. After a through history and medical examine, It was decided that I needed to do some blood work to determine if my oral hormone replacement therapy, a specially compounded bio-identical tablet was adequate. Along with other blood work to ensure nothing else was being missed.

A week after I had the blood work drawn, Dr. Byers called me to advise me I had no levels of hormone therapy in my system. I was completely depleted and could I come in to discuss further, a hormone replacement therapy called Sotto Pelle. He directed me to a web site to read about it prior to my appointment.

I saw Dr. Byers three days after his phone call. He met with me and discussed the benefits of the Sotto Pelle hormone replacement therapy. He reviewed the studies and discussed a treatment plan. I had an opportunity to ask questions and decided to proceed with my insertion that day.

The procedure was painless. The results are AMAZING. Within four days following my insertion, I started to feel better. My energy level after 2 weeks was beyond amazing. I felt like I was twenty again. My sleep patterns returned to normal. My moods even out 100% and my libido was 100% back to normal.

I am so grateful to Dr. Byers and his staff who are kind and very professional. I am grateful to Dr, Tutero for developing a hormone replacement therapy that truly works.

Dr. Byers,
Just dropping a little note of appreciation to say thank you for your time, skills and patience in making me a healthier and stronger person. Before Dr. Byers and his staff, my cholesterol was 313mg. My triglycerides were 326mg. My testosterone was 197 mg. Now after the SottoPelle natural hormone treatment, my cholesterol is 172mg. My triglycerides are 139mg. Most important my testosterone is now up to 940mg. I have not changed my diet or exercised.

Soon after the SottoPelle natural hormone treatment, I felt a distinct change in my strength and energy. I was able to drop body fat and increase muscle mass.

The best part is the feeling of having a clear mind. My sexual awareness is back to when I was a young man.

Again, I thank you and your staff so very much for all you have done in making me a stronger and healthier man.


Michael Osborne